Siemens Gamesa windfarm

Siemens - Gamesa

Its initiate the "9001:2015 ISO, change adaptation" Course.
Formación en Daniel Alonso por EO Engineering Quality Services

Training in Daniel Alonso Group

EO initiates the "Welding Inspection and Related Standards" of 40 hours.
Sección AWS

Section AWS

Inaugurated the AWS Iberian International Section where EO actively participates.
Wikinger, windfarm Alpha Ventus

Wikinger ends

It is completed the last wind towers shipment belonging to the WIKINGER project, where EO has participated as 3rd party inspector.
Auditorías Amur

Audits Amur

EO is taking part in AMUR project of LINDE Engineering as auditors.
Formación Master IWE training

Training in Weld and Joint Technologies Master

EO participate as teachers of “Weld and Joint Technologies" Master

Inspections Tobolsk

EO is taking part in TOBOLSK project of LINDE Engineering as quality inspector.
Wikinger, Offshore-Windpark Borkum West in der Nordsee


EO is taking part in the manufacturing of 70 wind towers for WIKINGER project, as third-part inspection on behalf of Adwen.
Auditorías Gydan

Audits Gydan

EO is taking part in GYDAN project of Nova Engineering as Auditors behalf LINDE Engineering.